Mama w her babies

Mama w her babies

Monday, June 18, 2012

Tuna Melt

Tuna melts are one of my favorite ways to eat tuna salad. I add tarragon to  give the tuna a slightly different but enjoyable flavor of licorice.  As always you can leave it out or replace it with other fresh herbs.  The amounts can also be increased or decreased.  Adding avocado, sprouts and/or lettuce can be used with or replace the tomato.  And of course, there are so many types of cheese that will work with this sandwich if Swiss is not your cup of tea. 

If you can get a hold of some fresh tuna, grilled will work in place of the canned.  Fresh grilled salmon is always a tasty alternative and you can replace the mayonnaise with olive oil for a healthier version.  Although I have heard that eating mayonnaise will reduce the chances of getting cancer.   Of course I don’t remember whom or where I had heard it from so don’t quote me on that one.  I love mayonnaise so I am always looking for an excuse to eat it on something. 

1 can......... Tuna
2 Tbs........ Mayonnaise
1 Tbs........ Fresh Lemon Juice
1 Tbs........ Chopped Red Onion
1 Tbs........ Chopped Celery
1 Tbs........ Chopped Fresh Tarragon
1 pinch...... White Pepper
2 slices..... Sourdough Bread
3 slices..... Swiss Cheese
4 slices..... Tomato

1.   Drain tuna and add the first seven ingredients, mixing will.
2.   Build sandwich from the bottom piece of bread up with tuna, tomato and then Swiss cheese.
3.   Butter each side and grill until golden and cheese is melted. 

Be creative, have fun and enjoy!

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